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A new way of building geographic information systems (GIS).

playGIS provides desktop, web and mobility top-quality solutions in your business environment.

Improve your productivity today, and cheapen your annual costs with the help of certified experts in GIS technology.


Consulting: we advise you on how best to capitalize on your geographic information systems, or the best way to implement new systems to improve your productivity.

Development: forget about long delivery times and maintenance contracts. We do develop your project quickly and efficiently.

Training: If you want to get the most out of your geographic information systems, we will help to substantially improve your employees.

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Just a sample of our work is this manual about application development for Android smartphones with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, free and complete:

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Why GIS?

Today, geographic information systems are critical in any type of organization, not only in classic GIS markets, such as: utilities, environment, defense, transportation,... Now, any company can benefit from using GIS.

These systems can improve decision-making and communication at different levels, thus improving the cost and work efficiency.

In conclusion, with these tools you can create and manage your information from their geographic component to perform deep analysis and draw conclusions in a much more complete way.

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